Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pastel Painting of a Colorful Rooster at Sunrise

A fun example of life imitating art. If my little rooster was going to come to life and strut, I hope he would have this much spunk.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pastel Painting of a Rooster

I enjoy the visual excitement created by the interplay of vivid colors and complementary, imaginative patterns. Vivid colors have a pleasing freshness. Patterns offer a richness of texture and interpretive opportunities. These are my goals.

Henry Edmond Cross 1856-1910. Work includes inspiring examples of pointillism technique and fauvist style. Some of those are The Blooming Terrace, The Canal near St. Tropez and Provence Landscape.

A rooster is a logical subject. Its feathers are a natural for color and texture.

Marc Chagall's fanciful roosters are wonderful examples of seeing the unique and creative opportunities presented by these everyday subjects. Examples include The Tribe of Naphtali, 1964, The Rooster, 1929, Wedding on the Red Rooster, Yellow Rooster, 1968 and Listening to the Cock, 1944.