Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pastel Painting of a Ballerina on Stage

A ballerina is a very “painterly” subject. A ballerina is expressive. Her costume is a great opportunity for colorful fun as is the wood floor. I used a pointillist style to suggest a painted landscape stage backdrop. The modeled ballerina becomes the focus against the suggested curtain and floor while at one with both because of the use of complementary color, patterns and texture.

Softer images are brought to life by the lively colors of the Fauvist style. Three examples by Henri Manquin are Model Resting, 1905, Jeanne at the Fountain, Villa Demiere and Morning at Cavalliere, 1906.


  1. WOW! She is just wonderful - as I knew she would be!

  2. I think she has become my favorite...she is fabulous!!

  3. eek, that was me, not Natalie!