Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pastel Painting of a Colorful Maltese Puppy

Art means different things to different people. I love color and the creative interplay of colors, textures and patterns. Flowers are beautiful color expressed in pleasing patterns. For me color expresses joy, freshness and exuberance. Since puppies have these qualities, I decided to paint a colorful pup.

I was sitting with a friend who has an irrepressible white Maltese puppy. White is made up of all colors. So my Maltese is shaped by colorful strokes and set against a blue floor with colorful joints to highlight the dog while making an integrated visual design.

Marc Chagall used blue to contrast and set off bright, colorful and expressive images. Three wonderful examples are Horsewoman on a Red Horse, 1966, Child with a Dove and On Two Banks, 1957.


  1. This colorful pup looks just like my Maltese, that we keep in a puppy cut!! Wonderful!

  2. I love your new artwork -- and it's fun reading your accompanying dialogue. Thanks! Your blog always provides an inspiring "art lesson" for the rest of us.